Customer Guarantees

1. Information and Sales Guarantee

We guarantee current and correct tariff and offer information both during regular operations and in case of scheduled changes to the operating schedule.

This is applicable for the notice boards at the stations as well as for information in the cars and the internet.

In case of faults that lead to a standstill of the train we will inform you in our cars immediately, additionally three minutes after the fault occurs and again every ten minutes, as a general rule, with an indication of the cause of the fault and the presumed duration of the fault. Should we inform you incorrectly, and you should thus arrive late at your destination, please contact your train conductor or contact the customer telephone (0361 74207250) – we will inform you about your trip possibilities. As compensation you will receive a guarantee ticket in case it was our fault.

You always have the possibility to purchase tickets from our staff or a functioning ticket machine from the applicable association tariffs (excluding subscription cards) as well as tickets for short-distance and long-distance transport, with and without discount from customer cards, including special offers to all destinations in the area served, as well as to at least 70 further destinations outside of the area served. Should you pay an excessive price due to incorrect information regarding the applicable tariff or should it be impossible to purchase one of the aforementioned tickets, we will compensate you with a guarantee ticket. The same applies, if you have no possibility to purchase a ticket in the train according to existing sales possibilities.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee concerning the information which is not within the area of responsibility of the EVU (e.g. train destination displays on platforms and announcements on platforms)

2. Reply Guarantee

We guarantee a quick and correct reply. No matter, whether you call us, fax us, send us an email, write to us or speak to our employees, we will provide the information in a friendly and competent way.

Suggestions and hints, which we receive in written form, will be answered within ten working days. Oral questions will be answered immediately.

3. Cleanliness Guarantee

We guarantee cleanliness.

We regularly clean our cars before and during operations. We appreciate any hints regarding soiling. Should you soil your piece of clothing or luggage in a train despite our endeavours, we will refund the cleaning costs (up to 25 €). This requires the presentation of the cleaning cost receipt and the complete details in the guarantee form.

4. Access Guarantee

We guarantee access to our trains.

You can enter trains which are already provided at the departure station, in order to take your seat early, e.g. to be out of the rain or protected from the elements in winter, unless opposed by indispensable operational reasons. Should it not be possible to enter the train in advance, please contact your train conductor or the customer telephone number – we will provide information about the reasons. As compensation you will receive, if the refusal was unjustified, a guarantee ticket from us.

Should your mobility be limited, e.g. if you are dependent on a wheelchair or you are carrying along a buggy, we will assist you in entering the train, either with our technical devices (ramp) or by our personnel, which will lend a helping hand. Should you, as a mobility-impaired person, not have access to one of our trains in the sense of the access guarantee, e.g. because the technical devices are defective, the EVU will guarantee an alternative connecting transport. Please contact your train conductor or the customer telephone number, local call (0361 74207250).

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot provide an access guarantee on platforms with insufficient platform height.

Find out the current platform height for the requested station here.

The Guarantee Ticket – How does it work?

Should we fail to meet our guarantees and you incur damages, you can apply for your guarantee ticket valued at 6.50 € with your customer guarantee card, which is available in all trains of the Elster Saale Bahn.

Just fill in the necessary information concerning your claim and hand the form to our personnel on the train or drop it off at the customer centre Gera Hbf or send it by post to Erfurter Bahn GmbH, Am Rasenrain 16, 99086 Erfurt.

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