Tickets are available on board from the ticket machine.

There you get the full range of tickets for local transport and also for local transport associations' services. We accept and sell the tickets of: Deutsche Bahn (e.g. one-way-tickets, special/regional offers, BahnCard), Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT) and Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV). You can pay cash or by debit card and credit card.

How to get the ticket from the ticket machine

  1. Starting station > choose or change the starting station
  2. Arrival station > choose your arrival station (if needed by Verbundzonennamen)
  3. Switching > if needed choose between Verbund or Deutsche Bahn
  4. Ticket > choose the kind of ticket and its number
  5. Payment > pay cash or by debit or credit card (only with PIN)

There are problems by getting a ticket from the ticket machine? Please contact the conductor if aboard. Otherwise, please contact the driver, while the car stops or Erfurter Bahn GmbH by calling.

Take care- no ticket means penalty fare. Every passenger needs a valid ticket for travelling.


With the exception of Online-Tickets and individually issued tickets, please validate your ticket at the ticket stamper, once you board the train. For that, every of our cars have a ticket stamper within the entrance area. Thereby, you gain a verifiability of your travel chain, useful for claims of any kind.


Children below the age of 15 travel for free if they are accompanied by parents or grandparents, owning a standard ticket. Children up to 5 years travel for free in general.

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