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Extra-Ticket "RennsteigShuttle"

  • Valid Sat, Sun/public holiday on the route: Ilmenau Bf - Manebach - Stützerbach - Bf Rennsteig
  • Single trip: 4,00 €
  • Round trip: 6,00 €
  • One station (excluding steeply sloping section):  2,00 €
  • dog: 2,00 €
  • Children under 5 years travel for free including any own family children/family grandchildren under 15 years of age

FEEN-Ticket – Everything with One Ticket

Using the FEEN-Ticket you will travel for a reasonable price by train or bus to the theme park Feengrotten. Whether by yourself, as a family with children, as a group or class – use this combination ticket for a beautiful trip to Saalfeld.

Included are:

  • Return trip to Saalfeld using the trains of the Erfurter Bahn and the Süd•Thüringen•Bahn in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt (not in trains of the Deutsche Bahn)
  • Use of the public buses in Saalfeld for a trip between Saalfeld station and the Feengrottenpark as well as in the tri-city area Saalfeld - Rudolstadt - Bad Blankenburg
  • Visit to the theme park Feengrotten: Guided tour of the public mine and visit to the Grottoneum. Additionally, from May through October: Visit to the Feenweltchen or a two-hour inhalation treatment in the healing adit


  • FEEN-Single-Ticket 30 €¹
  • FEEN-Partner-Ticket (2 persons) 45 €¹
  • FEEN-Maxi-Ticket 20 €²
  • FEEN-Mini-Ticket 10 €³

¹Rules of transport: Children and grandchildren living in the household (5-14 years) are included as passengers. Further children (not belonging to the family) and children travelling alone each require their own FEEN-Ticket.

² from 6 adults, per person, without rules of transport, with prior notice (14 days)

³ for groups of children and classes, from 6 persons, per child and guardian, with prior notice (14 days)

Further information is available on: www.feengrotten.de

Regional Day Tickets

Valid Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day as well as Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays from midnight to 3 a.m. the next day. Single travelers, groups up to five people or parents/grandparents with any number of eligible children/grandchildren below the age of 15 travel on all local trains (S-Bahn, Regionalbahn, and RegionalExpress) including the city transport system, on one day. Children up to 5 years generally travel for free. The fare of the Regional Day Ticket is determined by the number of passengers (max 5 passengers) :

  • Thuringia > Thüringen-Ticket: The fare for one passenger is 24 €. Each additional passenger (up to 4) travels for only 6 €.
  • Saxony > Sachsen-Ticket: The fare for one passenger is 24 €. Each additional passenger (up to 4) travels for only 6 €.
  • Saxony-Anhalt > Sachsen-Anhalt-Ticket: The fare for one passenger is 24 €. Each additional passenger (up to 4) travels for only 6 €.
  • Bavaria > Bayern-Ticket : The fare for one passenger is 25 €. Each additional passenger (up to 4) travels for only 6 €.
  • EgroNet Tagesticket 16 €

> Passengers only need to purchase one ticket per day, when they are travelling in the Euregio Egrensis region                                                               > valid: Mon-Fri, after they are devalued, but at earliest from 7.30 am. till 3.00 am of the next day and on Sat or Sun, after they are devalued, till 3.00 am of the next day > further information: www.egronet.de


Travel one day throughout Germany with the Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket, 1 Passenger: 44 €. Up to 4 accompanying persons can join the journey for just 8 € supplement each. The ticket is valid from Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day.

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