Passenger Rights

Since 29 July 2009 extended passenger rights are valid for rail traffic, relating to train delays, cancelations and defaults of connecting trains.

Please note that passenger rights are only valid for disruptions within rail traffic, which means the entire range from urban trains (S-Bahn) and regional trains to high-speed trains (ICE).

Origin of claim is your ticket and the chosen connection. Passengers get the right of compensation relating to travel chains, where trains of different rail companies were used with one ticket. Only if the cause of loss and potential damage (e.g. the train delay you claim) resulted from the rail service, the claim is justified.

Claims may result from

  • Compensation of delayed arrival at the destination
  • Continuation of the journey with a different train
  • Refund because of no-show or stopover (due to train delay, cancelations or missing a connecting train)

Information and appropriate forms

How can I assert a claim?

If you only travelled by Erfurter Bahn or Süd•Thüringen•Bahn , send your claim along the necessary documents, like tickets or statements to: Kontakt

If you travelled using different railway companies, file your claim with Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte.

The consideration is requested by a form of passenger rights along with the required documents. If you areunhappy with the reply, please contactindustrial tribunal ( Schlichtungsstelle ). If you are still not satisfied, apply to the Federal Railway Office ( Eisenbahnbundesamt ) being the court of last resort in such a matter.

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