Train Facilities

RegioShuttle RS1 (BR 650):

  • 37 new cars
  • 120 km/h two diesel engines (Typ IVECO, 2x265 KW)
  • Low-emission (AdBlue technology), quiet, fast sprinting, economic
  • Maximum train length: 5 cars
  • Capacity: 70 seats, 95 standing passengers (First and second class
  • Reliable car: Approx. 450 cars in operation in Germany and Czechia. Long-term experience available with this type.

Extensive comfort improvements for the travellers:

  • Arm rests to the aisle and to the neighbouring seats on all seats
  • Small tables beneath the windows or on the rear of the seat in front
  • Changing table in the toilet area
  • Spacious lavatories for travellers with limited mobility
  • Separate first class compartment with more comfortable seats

  • Large and ease-to-see destination displays
  • Level entrances and no steps in large parts of the car
  • Two multi-purpose areas for bicycles / buggies / wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair area with intercom to the railcar driver

  • Mobile ramp as boarding aid for wheelchairs and buggies
  • Additional floor space for approx 6 bicycles through flexible seating units
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