Bicycle Carriage


Our trains are furnished with multipurpose compartments for bicycles and wheelchairs, buggies, luggage and large dogs. Our trains differ in types, so the multipurpose areas vary in size.

Priority of passengers

Please place your bicycle in the dedicated area and respect that the multipurpose compartments are given with priority to wheelchairs, buggies and other passengers (standing and mobility-impaired persons). This is why carriage of bicycles depends on capacity. The decision in this matter is up to the train staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Bicycle groups and Public works

Especially during construction works, the carriage of bicycles cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us at least one day in advance and register your bicycle group exceeding 3 persons. Fill in the form, write us an email info(at) or call directly 0361 74207 250.

Bicycle Tickets

  • Within Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt the carriage of your bicycle is free of charge dependent on capacity
  • Bavaria Bicycle Day Pass (“Fahrrad-Tageskarte”), 5 € each, valid within Bavaria the entire day
  • Bavaria Bicycle Short Trip Pass (“Fahrrad-Kurzstreckenkarte”), price depends on distance. It is valid for a single or return ticket, excluding traffic associations
  • German Bicycle Ticket for local traffic: (“Fahrradkarte Nahverkehr”) 5 € each, valid the entire day till 3 a.m. the next day within Germany, excluding traffic associations
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