From the Control Center, which is one of the main parts of the railyard, passengers are provided with information by the use of a real-time information system. At “Erfurt Ost”, the historic location of the company in the north-east of Erfurt, a new Control Center was built.

Control Center

Managed by two employees, the Control-Center is on call 24/7. Besides monitoring the entire operations, additional tasks to be solved are:

  • Optimization and documentation of punctuality
  • Organization of connections
  • Failure management and establishment of compensating measure
  • Monitoring the functions and quality of information systems, passenger registering systems, ticket machines and operational reprocessing

It is possible to contact the staff or passengers on the train from the control center directly. In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG the punctuality of the trains is now displayed on www.bahn.de.  Via a VDV interface, the information is transmitted to www.bahn.de and the passenger information systems at the stations. Passengers now have access to important travel information in real-time, which is unique in Germany to date.

Since starting the diesel-powered railroad network in East-Thuringia in June 2012, real-time information is also available at INSA (Information System for local traffic of Saxony-Anhalt) - assets for all passengers of Erfurter Bahn and Süd•Thüringen•Bahn.

Service Center for Rail Cars

Opened in 2004, we offer the whole technical service to rail cars at our Service Center. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive technical equipment, other rail car operators from far away call on our services.

Among others, we are equipped with the Underfloor Wheel Lathe Type U2000, inspection pits, cranes, an axle load scale and a washing installation.



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