1952 - 1993

1952: State-owned company (VEB) (K)

The urban industrial railway became a state-owned company. By now the company had about 100 connections.



1970: Own railroad network with 40 kilometers

Daily four locomotives transported 130 freight cars across the industrial railroad network, with 40 kilometers of track and 180 manually operated points. In 1975 the shunting radio communication was launched and two years later the first diesel engine was commissioned.



1980: 200 cars daily

After putting the new thermal power station Erfurt-East into operation, the workload increased for the railway. The network extended from the wholesale market hall Heckerstieg to Stotternheimer Straße (Wohnungsbaukombinat) and to Roter Berg (Ziegelkombinat). Diesel locomotives series V 60 run here now.

1990: Erfurter Industriebahn GmbH (EIB) (Kopie 1)

On 1 May 1990, an opening balance sheet was generated for “Erfurter Industriebahn GmbH”. With a conversion declaration, the assets were transferred to the company on 7th November 1990.



1992: The whole energy for continuance

Erfurter Bahn GmbH competes for its place in market economy. The dramatic decrease of freight services and the low traffic volume is alarming in 1992. The utilisation of the service capacity of 200 cars and two block trains only plummeted to 18 percent. Bad times for the company, but team spirit, social cohesion and a high level of qualification enabled Erfurter Bahn GmbH to persevere.



1993: Next step - rail passenger service

The company turns to new tasks. So, with the help of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Thuringia, the rail passenger service was tackled.



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