1912 - 1950

1912: Commissioning of the urban industrial track

At the newly developed industrial area in the North-East of Erfurt, well-known companies established themselves, for instance Berlin-Erfurter Maschinenfabrik Henry Pels Co. and J.A. John A.G. Because the expanding sites needed a connection to the railway lines, the city of Erfurt established the connection to the route Erfurt-Sangerhausen setting more favorable conditions for further economic development. In May 1912 the urban industrial track system started initial operations and one month later, track scales were installed.



1912: Modest start with horse, scale and log cabin

The urban industrial railway started with modest equipment: a small log cabin served as a tool shed and sleeping quarter for the point operator, a servant of the city. Missing a locomotive, horses and oxen were hitched up to the cars instead. Only starting in 1913, shunting was performed with the benzene-locomotive.



1918: Steam locomotive replaced benzene-locomotive

The first steam locomotive was procured under vast difficulties after World War One. Furthermore, points and track material are purchased for railroad construction of four new main lines. Via an internal line, the stations Erfurt-East and Erfurt-Nord were connected. In 1920, about 5,200 cars were transported. Six years later it was already 10,579 cars.



1937: 25th anniversary

A new service station was built. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, all members of the staff lined up for a picture with decorated cars in front of the loco shed.



1939: The industrial railway becomes owner-operated

01/01/1939: Within the German Reich, the "Eigenbetriebsverordnung" came into effect. 29/03/1939: Per directive of the mayor, the company became a city-owned operation. At this point in time the industrial railway served approx. 60 connections.



1950: The municpal company

After a tough restart and characterised by a long-lasting shortage of materials as a consequence of the Second World War, the industrial railway became a municipal company of Erfurt.



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