Erfurter Bahn GmbH owns 60 Regio Shuttles, which run about eight million schedule-kilometers annually, on a rail network of 882 kilometers. Our advanced vehicle fleet indicates versatility and attractiveness.


Regio-Shuttle RS1

With a maximum speed of 120km/h, our shuttles are appointed on main lines as well as supraregionally. The compartments are furnished comfortably and radiate a friendly atmosphere. You are very welcome and may look forward to spacious entry platforms, air conditioning systems as well as areas for buggies and wheelchairs. This is how to travel nowadays - in a comfortable and pleasant way.


ITINO- Car “Ambassador of Thuringia”

ITINO (VT 201) is a special train in our vehicle fleet, designed with an eye-catching appearance. With a maximum speed of 140km/h, an air conditioning system and 115 comfortable seats, ITINO provides a high convenience. The “Ambassador of Thuringia” is appointed for scheduled and charter services. Thereby, it promotes Thuringia as the “Green heart of Germany”.


Diesel Locomotives

Even if the freight-traffic has declined extremely after 1990, it forms remains an important mainstay for the Erfurter Bahn GmbH. For freight services, two diesel locomotives V 100 with numbers 20 and 22 ("Lisa 1" and Lisa 2 ") are in use.

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